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Trail Running Women

May 14, 2020

Welcome to our first episode around mental health with Tory.

As a counsellor, Tory works with youth, families, and adults integrating physical movement with evidence-based psychotherapeutic methods to help prevent, manage, and treat mental illness.

Today we look at questions around comparison, weight gain, bedtime and...

May 7, 2020

No races? Who cares. Joanna loves running for long days, scrambling, views, and peaks. Her story will motivate you to love the sport for way more than just racing. 

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May 2, 2020

Trails are closed, races are cancelled, but that doesn't mean we can't suffer together. The Trail Running Women Podcast is getting crazy with a 10km ROAD race!

May 22nd run 10km before 5pm EST and send a link to your Strava or GPS file. Winners will be announced on the Podcast and a leader board posted!

Find the event...