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Trail Running Women

Mar 30, 2023

Teresa is a Navy wife, Mom of 4, and life long runner. She realized as an adult she was a very skilled marathoner, and was able to run a sub 3 hour including a 2:50 OQT attempt. After years of being "a slave to the paces," she found the trails and went straight into Hurt100. She has now run the epic 100miler twice...

Mar 16, 2023

Liz  was one of six women to run from Boston to New York 560kilometres / 350 Miles in 11 days - an ultra a day. She was an absolute pleasure to chat with and brings fresh energy to the sport! 

"Finishing in the dark, beyond tired, with swollen joints hurts, but I am also quite happy. This experience has been...

Mar 2, 2023

Jenny Quilty comes back to chat about her first 100miler, training for Western States, and how to learn from your mistakes. She gives us some amazing tips on how to deal with mental challenges during any distance race, and how she reframed her first attempt at a golden ticket.

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