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Trail Running Women

Sep 21, 2023

Bailey began her running journey at a very young age, competing in track and cross country through high school and into college, at Clemson University.

Photo: @somerrunner

While her college running career only lasted 2 years due to mental health struggles, it ultimately landed her in Boulder, Colorado, where she discovered trail running.

We chat about how she overcame a negative atmosphere and began to love running again. 

She fell in love quickly and spent 2020 chasing competitive FKTs around the Boulder mountains, quickly growing her thirst to return to competition. In 2021, she dove into trail racing and found herself on every US podium she raced at. Come 2022, she was hungry for more and entered the international scene, ultimately placing 5th at Sierre Zinal, second in the Golden Trail World Series Final and 5th overall in the Golden Trail World Series. Bailey has lofty goals for the future, in regards to running and her voice in the community. She is a dedicated coach and an advocate for mental health and women in sport. She currently runs for Nike, and spends her days playing in the mountains above Boulder, preparing for races/travel, coaching, and spending time with family.

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