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Trail Running Women

Dec 6, 2018

Karin is a Chilean veterinarian, now based in Melbourne studying her Masters of Environment at Melbourne Uni.

When she was little she hated running. She was the slow one, getting bullied in class to the point of faking injuries. In 2012, after a brake up with an old boyfriend, feeling lonely and sad, she decided to take part in this thing that was trendy at the moment. She signed up for her first 10km with just one month to train.

She began this journey as the skinny girl that smoked a lot, didn’t eat right, and tried to look skinny as possible. After she finished that race she felt something inside that caused a complete transformation. She had achieved something for herself and was ready to take on more.

Since then, her passion for this sport has grown endlessly. She talks about her first attempt at 100km in May, which was also her first DNF. We chatted shortly after her second attempt at 100km this October.

She now gives back in a multitude of ways. 

Find Karin on instagram at @karanth87. Her plogging insta is @theplasticrunner

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