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Trail Running Women

Oct 22, 2018


Hey! I’m Hilary, your host. Listen in for a tiny intro on who I am and what I’m doing here. I’m a retired NCAA hockey player turned trail runner. Each episode I interview an inspiring woman about her story as a runner. These badass ladies from around the globe get honest about everything from competing, motherhood, and trying to have it all. Get ready for training ideas, gear tips, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Bonus! Once a month myself and my guest host, Tory Scholz, are going to answer listener Q&A on training, mindset, racing, and more. Tory is an endurance runner, coach, public educator, and writer for Canadian Running Magazine. She has a bachelor of arts, bachelor of education, NCCP distance run coach training, and obtaining her Masters in Counselling Psychology. She creates individualized programs for others that combine run coaching with mental health and wellness. 

Learn more about Tory here: Motivus

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