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Trail Running Women

Aug 3, 2023

We chat with Jenny Quilty after her WSER 100mi debut in the fastest female field of all time. 

A quote straight from her instagram @adventuresofjenthar:

"18hrs 49min, 11th woman & 100miles from Olympic Valley to Auburn in the fastest women's field yet! 

I said it last night and it feels the same today, I'm the happiest 11th place woman ever. I knocked almost 1hr off the prior fastest 11th place finish, and that just makes me so darn proud to be a part of this field.

I ran a time much faster than I had imagined and learned more about what it feels like to accept and stay in the pain cave. I could not have asked for a more fun day running 100 miles, for only my 2nd time ever & first time at states!"

Photo: @thehilaryann

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