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Trail Running Women

Dec 14, 2023

Kaz has a PhD in human behaviour and MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and has studied
our power to perform when faced with adversity. Passionate about helping people believe
in themselves she explores what is it about our fears, courage, resilience, and mindset, that
drives us to succeed or sabotages us? And Kaz loves to run far.


Her trail running journey started in Chamonix, France with the Mont Blanc Marathon and UTMB races. Favorite adventures include Tahoe 200 (3rd F), Moab 240 (2nd F), Ouray 100 (1st F), Tot Dret, Italy (3rd F) and Across the Years (420 miles in 10 days – 3rd F), plus successfully completing 1 crazy loop of The Barkley Marathons, and most recently finishing Last Annual Vol State, a 500K continuous and self-supported race
across Tennessee.

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