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Trail Running Women

Sep 7, 2023

Kelsie is an accomplished runner, having run Burning River 50 mile, the Boston
Marathon, Cleveland Marathon where she BQ’d, and recently pacing a friend through his 100mile race by running the back 50 miles with him. She opens up about her struggles with the post race blues getting so bad they have become real depression. We chat about why this might happen and possible solutions. 

"Running has always made me feel grounded, focused, dedicated. It also provides a type of release, a
time to decompress and unwind, a time to feel my emotions and work through what I was bottling up
inside. I think it’s why I continued running into my adult years. Recently in the last couple years post-
race I fall into these deep depressive, borderline major depressive states for about a week after. Talking to others who suffer from the same dark thoughts and feelings have helped me learn more about how common it is among other runners and I hope to be able to help others know they are not alone." - Kelsie

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