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Trail Running Women

Sep 28, 2023

Priscilla has been running consistently since 2019 and has a big passion for trails, mountains, and longer distances. She's currently in Edmonton, Alberta but definitely does not let that stop her from getting to the mountains about 4 hours away whenever she can. We chat about her training plans, mindset, and learning what she is capable of. 
She's already racked up an impressive resume in  her short running career!
-2023 Canyons, 2nd female, 7th overall 
-2022 Ultra Trail Hurricane, 1st female, 6th overall
-2022 Squamish 50/50, 1st female, 3rd overall, women’s CR
-2022 Canadian Death Race Near Death Marathon, 1st overall and overall CR
-2021 Grizzly Ultra 50k, 1st female, 3rd overall, women’s CR 
-2021 Canadian Death Race 125k, 1st female, 3rd overall 
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