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Trail Running Women

Apr 9, 2020

Feeling down? Here, have some Tory! 

We discuss the silver lining to all this and how to stay positive during these different times. We also get into some great listener questions about how to stay motivated, how to handle your schedule if all of your races are pushed back to the same month, and if training on HR is the best method. 

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More about how Tory can help right now:

Tory is an endurance runner, coach, public educator, writer, and counsellor. She is passionate about moving in the mountains and how that impacts our mental health. As an NCCP running coach, she offers individualized programs focusing on physical and mental health for athletes to help them reach their goals. As a counsellor, she works with youth, families, and adults integrating physical movement with evidence-based psychotherapeutic methods to help prevent, manage, and treat mental illness.

She spends her time playing and competing in the dirt and mountains in distances up to 200K. She has represented Canada at 100K World Championships. Tory considers running and outdoor exploration a method to promote self awareness, self reflection, and mental health. She is proud to call Squamish, BC her home community.