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Trail Running Women

Oct 27, 2022

Part 2! Five women take on the goal of highlighting women’s FKTs everywhere.

Today I speak with Dana Katz, Danielle Snyder, and Teri Smith.

Teri Smith is an avid backpacker, trail runner, cross country skier and mom. No stranger to operating in areas where women are scarce, she has been a co-race director for the Hagg Mud Ultras, a race photographer, and a ham radio coordinator for local trail races. She just completed a 188 mile FKT across the Olympic Peninsula of Washington this past summer with fellow Women Who FKT coordinator Stacey Lee. 

Danielle Snyder is a coach and licensed clinical social worker and can talk through the mental barriers that women face. She creates programs help to increase athlete’s mental endurance, resiliency, and positive self-talk.

Dana is a coach and unquestionably the most enthusiastic member of the leadership and the best at making this accessible to women of all different speeds. She has experienced the high of insanely awesome PR days, the low of ultramarathon disappointments and the extreme low of foot injuries lasting way too long.

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