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Trail Running Women

Nov 15, 2018

Jessica is a stay at home mom with 3 girls aged 5, 4, and 2. She met her husband as a college bound kid in 2009 while at a healthy weight. They followed the societal script for families in small town Alberta, getting married and having kids in quick order. On paper she had everything that is supposed to make you happy, but in reality she was facing some very difficult adversity. She was up against undiagnosed mental illness, the loss of both of her husband’s twin brothers to suicide and ballooning into morbid obesity, to name a few. She hated herself so completely that it was impairing her ability to function in day to day life. Finally, in 2016 she had enough and made a change. It was through running Jessica was able to get her life back. She tells her story of struggling through OCD, dislocating knees, and obesity, to standing on the podium at Whistler50. 

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