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Trail Running Women

Oct 13, 2022

Five women take on the goal of highlighting women’s FKTs everywhere.

In 2021, only a third of the FKTs set in the PNW were by women. Of 353 routes established in Oregon and Washington, only 41% have women’s times.

Marta Fisher and her team TAKE ACTION AND SHAKE THINGS UP.

I speak to all 5 women in the leadership team to find out how we can flip the stats. 

Today we chat with Marta Fisher and Stacey Lee.

Stacey grew up in a semi-traditional Chinese-American household; where academics and music were emphasized and encouraged and athletics was discouraged.  As a result, she wasn't in her mid-thirties until she truly discovered her love of running and within 6 months of starting a "Couch to 5k" program completed her first marathon.  Since then, she's raced distances from 5k (road, XC and trail) to attempting her first 100 miler.  Stacey's goal is to be a diverse voice in the local running community, to help enable other women of color to discover the sport, and to build a more diverse and inclusive running community.

As a little kid, Marta was the least athletic of 4 siblings. But that changed when she found running as a teenager. Over the years, the kind of running she does has changed (track/x-c, road marathons, casual jogging, trail running, ultra running) but her identity as a runner has not. One of her big running goals is to stick around the sport long enough that she gets an award for being the old woman that finishes. She definitely favors the steeper, more mountainous trails over flat, fast ones. 

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