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Trail Running Women

Sep 28, 2023

Priscilla has been running consistently since 2019 and has a big passion for trails, mountains, and longer distances. She's currently in Edmonton, Alberta but definitely does not let that stop her from getting to the mountains about 4 hours away whenever she can. We chat about her training plans, mindset,...

Sep 21, 2023

Bailey began her running journey at a very young age, competing in track and cross country through high school and into college, at Clemson University.

Photo: @somerrunner

While her college running career only lasted 2 years due to mental health struggles, it ultimately landed her in Boulder, Colorado, where she...

Sep 7, 2023

Kelsie is an accomplished runner, having run Burning River 50 mile, the Boston
Marathon, Cleveland Marathon where she BQ’d, and recently pacing a friend through his 100mile race by running the back 50 miles with him. She opens up about her struggles with the post race blues getting so bad they have become real...